At the end of the day... The reality is we always have a choice.

You have a CHOICE!

I say this to people often and sometimes I wonder if they really realize what I am talking about or not.

Truth is... we all have a choice.

We can choose to make better decisions for ourselves and our health. We can choose to make a commitment to getting healthy and living a full happy life, etc... We choose. And we know what is most important to ourselves?

You have to make sure and you realize that YOU are worth making the right choices. You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to wake up smiling and happy every single day. If running makes you happy, then make time to do it. If it is going to the gym and working out, then do it. Find something healthy that makes you happy and make the choice for yourself to make time for it every single week.

Eating healthy, living healthy, exercising, they are all choices. No one is going to sit in front of you on a day to day basis and say go do this, eat this. You have to be the person to decide for yourself and make the choice to do it. Once you realize that you are worth the right choices, and you deserve it, you will be unstoppable.

And the best part is, you will be making healthy choices unconsciously, without even debating the bad ones. You will wake up one day and realize that as time passes you have changed your lifestyle and that the choices you made for your health are the right ones. And the best part of all...

They make you happy!

Peace, Love & Hugz!