AUGUST 21, 2016: Why Wait 4 New Years??? Let's Start the Resolutions NOW!!!

Whether one hopes are to feel better, look better, have more energy, or just overall health – healthy weight loss and healthy weight management relies on goals and expectations that are reasonable and realistic. The more sensible ones goals are for weight loss, the better chances one has of losing and keep the weight off.

Most individuals that are overweight more than likely will relatively lose weight gradually opposed to those whom are close to ones ideal body weight. For safe weight loss, it is important to not exceed more than 2lbs per week. Now on the flip side, if one is in need to lose weight drastically (ie: serious health, medical issues/problems related to obesity), a physicians supervision is required!

Keep in mind that ones weight and current lifestyle are the result of these following factors:

-How much and what types of foods one consumes..

-The amount of consistent physical activity one performs..

-How one consumes food in response to stress or other emotional triggers..


-Age and well-being..

Ones weight loss should address all of the above factors. Also one needs to steer clear and avoid products and services that offer quick fixes and claim easy vast results. We've all had the opportunity encountering the million and one infomercials and or radio advertisements claiming, “Drop 10 pounds in 10 days” or some other nonsense and foolishness. No Bueno! These ads are simply selling fantasy and false hopes, misleading folks. Get Real and Get Smart! There is only one simple conception to weight loss.. One must burn more calories than one consumes in a day, also requiring one to eat healthy and be physical on a daily.

There are two kinds of approaches one can take to jump start their weight loss. Option #1.... try a diet – such as the Atkins, Low-Carb, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc. Option #2.... is to simply NOT diet, but to simply maintain a healthy lifestyle by consuming foods that are low in fat, high in fiber, protein packed, and veggie fruit based. As well as performing acts of fitness on a daily basis. You can do this by doing the following:

Decrease ones daily calorie intake and begin a physical fitness routine. Eat meals that are reduced in calories. Follow the FDA guidelines ensuring ones daily dose of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, and low fat dairy. You get the picture.

And even though one many be busy.. everyday single day, set aside 30 minutes for physical activity. No, you don’t have to buy a gym membership or fancy equipment. All one needs is to simply get up get moving – getting ones heart rate up. Go outside for a walk or jog. Ride a bike through a nearby trail. Play basketball; throw the baseball or football, kick around the soccer ball with the kids, jump rope! Just do something to get out off that couch, office chair, and car seat. (Kids need fitness too!)

Finally, losing weight isn’t some miraculous science secret. It’s no fad, either. It’s the end result of ones hard work and common sense – eating foods that are healthy, drinking water, and living an active and healthy lifestyle, getting outside and enjoying our body’s wonderful abilities to move and groove. Do You!

Peace, Love & Hugz!