AUGUST 19, 2016: 8•2015 | 8•2016 1-Year Progress!

8•2015 | 8•2016 1-year progress and a non-scale victory. I fit into an old bikini from my 20s!! After abandoning my Instagram page for many months, I returned Sept•2015 to post my SECOND... post baby progress. Special s/o to the followers, friends & fam that have shown me continued support. You've read, you've asked, you've shared, you've showed love... It truly means a great deal to me those going out of their way for lil ole Keish. I love you all so much. ❤

Aug•2016 officially marks a full year of progress. And what a difference a year can really make! My body language speaks volumes in both pix. Before pic... mind space clouded, head down in distress. My baby girl even felt my pain. She's the one who uplifted me day in & day out, stayed by my side wiping away the tears, working out with me, making me laugh, loving her mother unconditionally. She's the real MVP. She got me through it the first time and she came through for her mommy a second time (thank God for her).

This time around, most of my weight gain resulted from stress eating... grieving & being depressed. Pregnancy loss affects every wo(man) differently. Remember & respect that. After pic... head high, clear positive mind all smiles! Way to get your ishh together Keish!! I pulled myself together and haven't looked back, transforming twice!! By myself, for myself, reclaiming my life!

I've proven to myself yet once again that I can overcome anything! So many great things have manifested from such a stormy season weathered. God truly works in mysterious ways. Thank you Jesus!!! Let whoever think whatever. Just keep focusing on getting better. -Keish ❤

Peace, Love & Hugz!