JULY 19, 2016: Summer 30-Day Detox COMPLETED!

My 30-day summer detox is ova! Not one beer, not a single brew! Not one bag of hot chips, no beignets (I not only made it through the 4th of July holiday, I made it through Bastille (r.i.p) days... the temptation of hot fresh beignets, omg!), no pizza, no french toast dripping in butter and syrup, no bread! Ditching the bullishh for the past 29 days did great things for my body internally and externally (gains on point... thick).

I cannot stress enough how much growth can take place with consistent effort towards ones goals just over a course of 30 days. It shows through my frame of mind, physique and performance significantly. More so, I am proud of myself for being disciplined. At the stage I'm at in my journey requires a great deal of self-discipline. It serves me well helping me maintain my progress and health over the years. In fact, I'm going to remain refraining from these culprits for another 15-days. Make it a cool 45. I also wanted to note that while I've had gains over the past month, I am currently a bit bloated. That time of the month u know.

That's why I love lifting! I ended my day with a good night of training. Got in some heavy compound lifts, deads and good mornings, as well as weighted abdominal incline, cable and oblique crunches which helps tremendously with my menstrual cramps!

Fyi, keep in mind that lifting may add an inch or two to your waistline. Why? Weight training encourages our muscles to grow in size, abs included. If you don’t want to add those extra inches to your waist, keep your weight low and your reps high. -Keish ❤

Peace, Love & Hugz!