JULY 4, 2016: Happy & Healthy Fourth of July!

Day-15 of my summer detox... 15 more days to go. Believe it or not, no bread, no brews, no b.s.!! The holidays have made things a bit more tempting but I can hold out for 15 more days. My watermelon was delicious and nutritious.

I get asked all the time, How? How did you do it? How do you stay motivated? What keeps you going?

Honestly, it is not something I think about too often. On a daily basis I seem to go through the motions of living my life. I have made lifestyle changes over the past 5 years that have left me able to maintain my weight loss and a certain level of fitness.

Obviously, I struggle. The world is full of temptation, stress, emotions, all things that might cause a person to back slide. My schedule as a wife, mom and business owner... it can be crazy, finding time to workout is sometimes impossible. Then there is the nutrition aspect of things. Finding time to cook, grocery shop, etc it can be tough. At the end of day, it all can be done. It's all about making choices.

Peace, Love & Hugz!